Changing the Conversation
We exist in an environment made up of two parts – the natural part and the man-made part. Nearly everything you see, touch or use in the man-made part of our world has been engineered. Yet there is still a good percentage of the population who don’t really know what engineers do.

Engineering Misconceptions

“Engineers love math and science”

Yes, engineers do use math and science, but they don’t have to love it. They just have to be able to do it. What engineers really love is making a difference in their communities and in the world we live in.

“Engineers work mostly alone”

This couldn’t be further from the truth; engineers are constantly interacting with each other, architects, building owners, contractors, city officials, and clients. Engineers are very social.

“Engineering is boring”

Not at all! Engineers imagine and create amazing things.Engineers use their imagination and analytical skills to invent, design, and build things that matter. They are team players with independent minds who ask, “How can we develop a better recycling system to protect the environment, design a school that can withstand an earthquake, or create cutting-edge special effects for the movies?” By dreaming up creative and practical solutions, engineers are changing the world all the time.

Engineering Needs More Women!

Rosie-the-Riveter-Sex-work-is-not-empoweringOnly 14% of the engineers in the United States are women! Though this figure is very low, it is an improvement from the 1980’s when only 5.8% of the engineers were female. Read the full article here:

What Can You Do?

Encourage the women of tomorrow today! Support STEM classes and tell girls all the benefits of pursuing a career in the technical field.  Learn more on the STEM Coalition website.


Engineering is Cool


“The Knack”


Engineers are creative problem solvers.