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Regional Health Projects:
Our engineers have worked with Rapid City Regional Hospital since the inception of our company. We have been involved in the mechanical and electrical design of multiple additions and improvements to the 650,000 square foot main campus as well as numerous satellite facilities owned and managed by Regional Health.  Projects include the following:

RCRH Patient Isolation Room
RCRH E-Garage Ventilation
RCRH Same Day Overfill
RCRH Radiology Area A/C
RCRH Dialysis Expansion

RCRH Medical Records Air Distribution
RCRH Ambulatory Surgery Condensation Control
RCRH Patient Tower HVAC
RCRH Cancer Center Institute Air Intake Review
RCRH OR Humidity Controls
RCRH West Unit Cooling Tower
RCRH Power Factor Correction
RCRH Rehab Hospital AHU Replacement
RCRH Fire Alarm System
RCRH Fire Alarm Layer Changes
RCRH Fire Wall Rating
RCRH Fire Alarm Squib Replacement
RCRH FA – Construction Phase I
RCRH Laboratory Air Flow Study
RCRH Emergency Dept. Anteroom to Room 18
RCRH Ambulatory Surgery Disk Array
RCRH CCI Electrical Room
RCRH SF-1 Coil Replacement
RCRH Elevator Shunt Trips
Sturgis HealthCare Center – CT Scan Installation
Sturgis HealthCare Center – Masterplan
RCRH Radiology Reading Room
RCRH Master Plan
RCRH General Master Plan MEP
RCRH Patient Tower Study
RCRH Utility Distribution Study
RCRH 10th Patient Rooms
RCRH 10th Patient Rooms – Domestic Water Changes
RCRH 10th Floor Relocation

RCRH Outpatient Dialysis
RCRH Hospice
RCRH Linear Accelerator #1 Replacement

RCRH Vacuum Pump Study
RCRH OR 1 Exhaust Conversion
RCRH In-Patient Dialysis
RCRH Elevator Hoist Way
Pharmacy Clean Room
RCRH 9th Floor Renovation
RCRH CCI Addition
Cath Lab UPS
RCRH Heliport
RCRH Rehab Hospital Water Service Review

RCRH Elevators Normal Power Transfer Pre-signal
RCRH Chilled Water Production Augmentation
RCRH Radiology Room 12
RCRH Electrod & Hospitalists Remodel – 4th Floor
RCRH Hyperbaric Remodel – Area F
RCRH Laboratory Airflow
RCRH Health/Science Bldg. Remodel
RCRH Central Utility Plant
RCRH Pain Management Wound Care
RCRH Dakota Regional Sleep Lab
RCRH O.R. HVAC Controls
Dakota Regional HVAC Review

RCRH WHOB Radiology Room Remodel
RCRH Computer Room UPS Upgrade
RCRH I.S. Service Remodel
RCRH Clinical Engineering Remodel
RCRH Clinical Quality Relocation
RCRH Physicians Lounge Addition
RCRH Physicians Lounge Remodel
RCRH Integrated OR Suites Project
RCRH Dakota Regional Sleep Lab Expansion
RCRH Front Entry Heating
RCRH Medical Air Dryer
RCRH PH2 Physicians Area
RCRH Kitchen Cooling Power
RCRH Z-2 Branch (Cooling)
RCRH Medical Imaging Power Revision

RCRH CCI CT Installation
RCRH Fox Run / MOB Remodel
RCRH ER Revisions
RCRH Parking Lot Light Pole Documentation
RCRH Lab AHU Modifications
RCRH HSB Boiler/Chiler Replacement
RCRH 5th Floor ICU Normal Power
RCRH CT’s 2 & 3 Replacement

RCRH Laundry Study
RCRH Library Remodel

RCRH Lab Remodel PH 1
RCRH Cath Lab Equipment Upgrades
RCRH Radiographic Room 3
RCRH Digital Mammography
RCRH CT-1 Equipment Replacement
RCRH CT-2 Equipment Replacement
RCRH CT-3 Equipment Replacement
RCRH Domestic Water As-builts
RCRH WHPOB RTU Replacement
RCRH 4th Floor Hospitalists
RCRH Sturgis Mammography
RCRH Infusion Plus
RCRH West Addn Med Gas Exhaust
RCRH 3rd Floor Addn.

RCRH WHPOB Interior Remodel
RCRH Central Plant Equipment Relocates
RCRH 5th Floor Alterations
Custer Hospital Chiller Replacement
RCRH Laundry Wtr. Htr Replacement
Heart Doctors Remodel
RCRH Sturgis Regional Hosp. – Marshall Street Parking
RCRH Domestic Wtr. Press.&Circ. Study
“RCRH Radiology Fluro. 7, 8 and 9”
RCRH Vista Lab Equipment Plumbing Revisions
RCRH CCI Renovation
RCRH Radiology Fluro. 10 & 11
Sturgis Hospital Bulk Oxygen Revisions
Spearfish Hospital Bulk Oxygen Revisions
Deadwood Hospital Bulk Oxygen Revisions

RCRH Laundry/Warehouse
RCRH Lombardy Specialty/LTC Pharmacy Space
RCRH Dietary Remodel
RCRH O.R. 8 Remodel
RCRH Dakota Regional Bldg. – Plumbing
RCRH Hospice Oxygen
Custer Hospital Facilities Assessment
RCRH Tower Elevators
RCRH CSS Equipment Modifications

RCRH 8th Level Renovation
RCHR 5th Level Renovation
RCRH Tunnel Lift Station
RCRH Hill City Clinic
RCRH HSB Elevator
RCRH HSB FA Replacement
RCRH Resource Management
RCRH Linear Accelerator
RCRH Hospitalists
RCRH IS Server
RCRH Aspen Bldg. Renovation

Custer Regional Hospital
RCRH Linear Accelerator Chilled Water
RCRH Cart Wash Replacement

Sturgis Regional Hospital Clinic Expansion
Regional Health Equipment Salvage Study
Behavioral Health Fire Alarm

Relocate Rehab Boilers
Sturgis Hospital CT
Spearfish Hospital CRAC

Commissioning Services – Regional Health Orthopedic & Specialty Hospital
Commissioning Services – RCRH South Tower
RCRH Wellness Cafe
Spearfish Regional Orthopedic Remodel East Clinic

Spearfish Regional Hospital Dialysis Modifications
Spearfish Regional Hospital Pharmacy Remodel
Spearfish Regional Orthopedic X-Ray
RCRH Obstruction Lighting
RCRH Outdoor Air Intake Study


Additional Healthcare Projects:
Jackson Park Clinic
Hill City Clinic
Community Health Center of the Black Hills
Eagle Butte Dialysis Clinic
Red Cloud Wellness Center
Heart Doctors Remodel
Hull Dental
VA Wellness Center Renovation
Gillette Senior center
Winner Nursing Home
Carpenter Dental
Campbell County Memorial Hospital ER  Addition
Criss Dental
Good Samaritan Skilled Nursing
Loftus Dental
Rosebud Wellness Center
Dakota Radiology Humidification
Philip Health Services Emergency Power Expansion
Philip Health Services CT Scanner Room
Philip Health Services Nursing Home
Black Hills Surgical Hospital North Door Renovation
Community Health Center Mental Health Infill
Black Hills Endodontics
West River Ear Nose and Throat