Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design Philosophy

Our team specializes in designing sustainable, energy efficient solutions for commercial, government, and public buildings. We believe in efficient, innovative design and strive to work on projects that incorporate our ideals. We place environmental and social responsibility at the core of our practices and professional responsibilities and we continually develop and improve our practices and procedures for sustainable design.

Sustainability is a landscape that must be navigated very carefully. We strive to provide our clients with substantial return on investment regardless of whether the performance metric is financially or philosophically motivated. Sustainable design should be responsible to the pocketbook as well as the environment.

Terms like ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’ are being used more often today in the context of design than they are understood. Sustainability is more than just trying to save energy and providing snazzy bike racks. It needs to include sustainable responsibility in the supply chain in conjunction with the valued use of material, time, and financial resources.  To be sustainable, we need to consider the entire landscape, cradle to grave. Life-cycle costs are important and should be considered with larger projects (and that includes the indirect costs associated with the additional design steps required by life-cycle cost analysis).

Sustainable design should strive to enhance the project mission, employee health, and the bottom line. We believe the most rewarding sustainability measure is to do it right the first time.


7e2f5c_3d2f83c8802eba3045b89f78f037a967 LEED Projects


Visitor Center
Custer State Park, SD
$2,800,000 - 2016
LEED Silver


Brinton Museum
Bighorn, WY
$15,800,000 - 2015
LEED Gold Goal


South Dakota Community Transition Center
Rapid City, SD |  2012 - $4,200,000

LEED Silver


SDARNG Joint Force HQ & Readiness Center
Rapid City, SD | 2011 - $7,300,000

LEED Silver


SDSM&T Connolly & Palmerton Hall Dorm Renovations
Rapid City, SD | 2010 - $5,500,000




Our LEED Accredited Staff:

»Charles Palmer, PE LEED AP
»Mike Blount, PE LEED AP
»Scott Scherer, LEED AP


Recycle BulbSustainable Projects

Here at Skyline, we know that a project doesn't have to be a LEED project to be sustainable. We have designed several commercial facilities utilizing sustainable design. We recently completed the mechanical design for a facility with a net-zero *goal, the Northeast Wyoming Welcome Center.


ext w planters 57.

Northeast Wyoming Welcome Center
Alladin, WY | 2010 - $3,000,000


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