Interior Lighting Design

IMG_1615Skyline Engineering’s Electrical Engineers and Designers have collective lighting design experience of approximately 60 years. We have produced unique interior lighting designs for projects in various market segments including; Aviation, Commercial / Industrial, Healthcare, Educational, and Hospitality including Gymnasiums, Theatrical, Multimedia, Museums, Historical Restorations and High-End Gaming. We strongly believe that lighting design begins with utilizing appropriate and efficient fixtures, is confirmed with modeling the selected fixtures for performance illumination levels, uniformity and ends with verifying appropriate consideration has been given to fixture type, placement and controls..

Our engineers and designers often utilize lighting modeling software to optimize designs through improved precision in lighting level accuracy.


Lighting Models
fixtureIlluminating Engineering Society Optic Files called fixture IES files are published by manufacturers. Each fixture IES file (shown right) is inserted, positioned, and aimed within a model. Fixtures (point-sources of light) may be aimed at any surface or object within a structure and effectively turned on and off. After which, the program calculates grid-plane lumens on calculation grids. These techniques allow engineers to optimize designs and better predict the outcome of a particular lighting solution effectively avoiding over/under illumination. The RC Roosevelt Park Ice Arena exterior model was placed on plans as an exterior lighting performance criteria. Should a legal issue arise, lighting modeling validates that minimum lighting standards were considered and achieved.

Model Rendering
In conjunction with modeling software, we have the ability to render the design creating grayscale illustrations of lighting levels on a facility’s surfaces. Modeled lighting can be switched exactly as the facility is designed to be switched demonstrating the effects of each light source in the facility. Rendering allows clients to view project illumination in grayscale prior to construction. Renderings add design cost, however they accelerate the design process and have proven to be a valuable tool to ensuring the clients goals have been achieved.

Inside3dThe 3D model to the right was created for a lighting retrofit at the First Baptist Church in Rapid City. It is a simplified model of the sanctuary utilizing fluorescent indirect lighting from a structural cove. When expanded, the model indicates the anticipated illumination levels at the calculation grids. In this model, as seen in the end view, calculations were performed on a horizontal plane at 30” above the finished floor and on one side of the sloped ceiling. The calculation grids indicate predicted light levels on any surface or in any plane within the model.


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